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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyID?

Disney's MyID is your main login credential used to access applications and services across The Walt Disney Company (“TWDC”), including your DMDCentral and Disney Inflight accounts. MyID provides a more secure login experience with Two-Step Verification, self-service registration, and profile management. You can also use MyID to reset your password and unlock your account.

Where do I get a MyID username?

Your MyID username has been assigned to you by your TWDC representative. You will receive an email with more detailed instructions on how to register your MyID account, how to enroll in Two-Step Verification, and how to log in to DMDCentral or Disney Inflight.

Disney's MyID with Two-Step Verification is a better and more secure way for you to log in to DMDCentral and Disney Inflight.

MyID provides:

  • Secure login
  • Self-service registration and profile management, including security questions for secure user identity confirmation
  • Self-service password reset and account unlock
  • Support for Two-Step Verification with a mobile device
  • Single sign-on for many Disney applications

Why do I need to use security questions?

Your security questions are used as an extra level of security whenever you reset your password or your TWDC representative needs to help verifying your identity. You can change your security questions and answers at any time by accessing your MyID account information.

When can I start using MyID to log in?

For DMDCentral and Disney Inflight, the ability to log in with MyID is available today.

What is Two-Step Verification, and why do I need it?

Two-Step Verification provides a faster, more secure way to verify your identity, and it significantly reduces the risk of anyone else using your account to access the Disney network or applications, even if they manage to get your password.

Which app do I use for Two-Step Verification?

TWDC has partnered with Okta to provide Disney’s Two-Step Verification service. The Okta Verify app offers convenient one-tap approval to complete your two-step sign in. You can download Okta Verify for free from the Apple, Google, or Windows application store.

How do I complete the MyID registration process?

You can view step-by-step MyID account setup instructions here. If you require further assistance, please contact your TWDC representative.

How do I enroll in Two-Step Verification?

If you don't already have a MyID account with Two-Step Verification, you will be able to enroll in Two-Step Verification the first time you log in to DMDCentral or Disney Inflight with MyID. You can view step-by-step Two-Step Verification enrollment instructions here. If you require further assistance, please contact your TWDC representative.

What if my first or last name is incorrect?

Please contact your TWDC representative for assistance with any MyID profile issues. You may be unable to complete the enrollment process if you attempt to make changes to your first or last name. Please contact your TWDC representative for assistance with any MyID login issues.

How to set up your MyID account for DMDCentral or Disney Inflight
  • 1. As part of the onboarding process, you will receive an email from the Disney MyID team with your temporary access code and a link to begin the MyID registration process. Please note, this code will expire 15 days from the day you receive your email.

  • 2. After you click the link in the email, enter your access code to verify your identity. You may also change your preferred language to continue this process:

  • 3. Review your personal information, but do not change your First or Last Names, as this will prevent you from being able to log in to your portal(s). If your name information is incorrect and needs to be changed, please contact your Disney Representative to update your name information for MyID after you have completed the registration process.

  • 4. Select your security questions and enter your answers:

  • 5. Provide an alternate way to send you a one-time passcode (mobile or email):

    Note: as long as one of these alternate methods are provided, this step is optional. If your Cellphone # is already correct and you do not wish to provide an Alternative Email, you can ‘Skip this step’.

  • 6. Ceate and confirm your new password:

  • 7. Congratulations - you have successfully created your MyID account!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have completed the MyID registration process, there may be a delay of up to 4 hours before your DMDCentral or Disney Inflight account is connected to MyID. After that time, you can access the DMDCentral or Disney Inflight login page to log in and to proceed with Two-Step Verification.

  • How to enroll in Two-Step Verification

    Two-Step Verification with a mobile device is required to access DMDCentral and Disney Inflight. If you have not completed the Two-Step Verification enrollment, you will be prompted to do so upon your first login with MyID to any of these applications.

  • 1. Navigate to your portal (DMDCentral or Disney Inflight), and click the MyID login to enroll in Two-Step verification:

  • 2. Enter your username and password, and click “LOGIN WITH MYID”. Then click “Enroll Now” on the following page:

  • 3. Answer your security questions and click “Verify”:

  • 4. Click “Get Started” on the following pages. Make sure your trusted smartphone or tablet is nearby to begin enrollment with the Okta Verify app:

    Note: Instead of using the Okta Verify app, you can choose to receive verification codes via text message. After clicking 'Get Started', select the option to "Register your phone to receive verification codes via text message" and follow the instructions.

  • 5. After you have downloaded the Okta App to your trusted smartphone or tablet and created your account, scan the QR Code on this page:

  • 6. Congratulations – you have completed your one-time enrollment for two-step verification with MyID

  • 7. Return to the Login page of your portal (DMDCentral or Disney Inflight), and click the MyID login button to enter the portal:

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